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If you’re ready to move the needle, you’ve come to the right place.


From artist management to digital marketing; creative branding to custom design; we are fearless when it comes to developing artists from all walks of life. Dauntless Media will manage all aspects of recording and marketing your next project. Our proven ability to cultivate strong relationships with creatives, indies, company executives and corporations alike, makes Dauntless Media a premier choice to launch your project. 


Our services include:* 

Artist Development 

    •    Career guidance
    •    Artist Consulting


Content Production

    •    Artist Branding (logos, art direction)
    •    Graphic Design (Album Covers, Playlist Covers, Vinyl, Web Banners, etc.)
    •    Website Development and Design
    •    Digital Marketing
    •    Social Media Strategy
    •    Event Production
    •    Video Production
    •    Photography
    •    Copy Writing and Editorial


Project Management

    •    Recording Session Coordination
    •    Budgeting and Financial forecasting
    •    Event Production


Record Label Services

    •    Operations
    •    Recording Session Coordination
    •    A&R / Creative
    •    Product Management
    •    Graphic Design
    •    Marketing / Promotion
    •    Music Licensing


*additional services are available based on client needs 

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