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  • Rachael Hardway

Dauntless Digs: Johnny Burgos New Video "Feelings" Goes Beneath Public Persona [VIDEO PREM

Johnny Burgos debuts new song and video "Feelings."

Compared to the uptempo beats heard on Brooklyn’s buzzed about singer/songwriter/producer Johnny Burgos’ last release “Hot Flash” or “Wild About You” remix with Hip Hop heavyweight Marco Polo, Johnny Burgos has gone deeper on his new heavy hitting, mid-tempo ballad “Feelings,” introducing his fans to what lies beneath his public persona. Listen & follow here.

Burgos shares his intimate struggle with depression and the importance of addressing and taking on mental health issues and the effects of emotional baggage before it infiltrates your life and the lives of those you love stating: "I wrote “Feelings” as I was coming to terms with the realization of my own state of depression which I struggled with because of the vulnerability it required and the lack of experience I've had with vulnerability growing up in a "machismo" culture,” says East New York, Brooklyn native Johnny Burgos. “Although it's often viewed as an internal struggle, I realized the external effects that my depression had on my life and the people in it, and that’s what led me to my breaking point. It was at my breaking point that I had to make the choice on whether I wanted to repeat these negative patterns or work hard to change them for the better."

Watch his new video by Director Max Skaff here or below.

Johnny Burgos is currently Dauntless Media’s Dauntless Digs artist spotlight of the month Listen and follow here.

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