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  • Rachael Hardway

Dauntless Queens: Hear Hiatus Kaiyote lead singer Nai Palm's New Song Homebody from Solo Debut A

Following Julie Adengua's premier on Beats 1, Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote has just announced her new song "Homebody" and solo debut album "Needle Paw," coming October 20.

Needle Paw is the rawest glimpse into Nai Palm’s musical world. It is dreamlike, honest, and beautifully transparent, revealing her musical ruminations to listeners with a courageous vulnerability and artistic generosity. Nai sees this album as a reminder to musicians that they don’t have to rely on production to expose their gifts.

“This record is a very personal leap into the deep end. I wanted to make something with no landmarks to hide behind and no team to fall back on.” - Nai Palm

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