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  • Rachael Hardway

Dauntless Digs: Watch Boogie Down Bronx Hip-Hop Artist The Real Will Cee at Be Dauntless Vol. 3 [VID

King Lynxx Live at Be Dauntless Vol 3

The Bronx is where hip-hop was born and raised and despite when people say "hip-hop is dead," Will Cee is here to defy that statement. [Watch Here To See Why].

Born and raised in the boogie down Bronx, Will Cee is leading the underground hip-hop game on his debut EP Will Power. At Dauntless Media presents Be Dauntless Vol. 3 he delivered an incredible performance that only confirmed our beliefs that he is at the cusp of greatness.

#PressPlay (go to 4:41) to watch their incredible performance, live from Brooklyn, New York below.

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