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DiscoFawkes Debut Album + Experiential Short Film from Director Justin Ferrato KILL THE WITNESS at B

The Nobodies Live at Be Dauntless Vol 3

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, electronic hip-hop group DiscoFawkes debut their new album, Kill The Witness, which incorporates innovative modern flows with neoclassical instrumentation. [LISTEN HERE].

See them live at

"The intention was to make an “experimental” hip-hop album where the avant-garde elements do not interfere or overshadow the rapping itself. It is an album which strives to be both creative and original without becoming overblown." Alex Banoub

DiscoFawkes, comprised of Alex Banoub and Alex Gillette, are part of the FAUX HOLE RECORDS collective. Stitched together with self-produced beats and unlikely samples, the live performance they provide feels extremely tactile, providing a lush, humid and dreamy experience. What these two have created is guaranteed to make you move.

#PressPlay to watch their incredible performance, live from Brooklyn, New York below.

The bands incredible performance followed the screening of Director Justin Ferrato's experiential film Kill The Witness, which debut at the Queens World Independent Film Festival in March. [WATCH HERE]

The music and ambience for the film were created during the same studio sessions for the album in which Disco Fawkes toys with the idea of a “traditional film score” coinciding with a rap album. Thematically, the album mirrors the film dealing with isolation, anxiety, ego and self-confidence. Without dialogue or explanation Kill The Witness attempts to portray the struggles of young aspiring artists. The album lyrically paints a picture of the topics while the film relies heavily on audio to enhance the story behind its’ imagery. This kind of juxtaposition is a constant theme throughout Disco Fawkes’ music, as it mirrors the conceptual inspiration for their first EP “Descent and Ascension”.

Check out photos from the screening below!

#PressPlay to watch the film teaser below. For those in Brooklyn, join us at the next screening at this years The Art of Brooklyn Festival. Learn more here.

Are you an artist that's interested in performing at the next BE DAUNTLESS artist showcase? If so please contact us here: or email hello (at)

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