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Jamel "Jam No Peanut" Inspires Us With Action in His New Music Video "Microphone Misd

Rapper, multimedia artist and activist, Jamel “Jam No Peanut” Mims presents Microphone Misdemeanor, an interactive EP listening experience that brings trap music and interactive media to the fight against state terror. Hosted by Union Documentary Center in Brooklyn, the event will highlight the world premiere of Hands Up, the brand new 360 music video that puts viewers on the frontlines of the fight against a fascist America. Get tickets here. Can't make the show? Tune in to our Facebook Live 3/31/17 at 8:15 PM EST. Follow us on Facebook here so that you're notified of when we begin.

Microphone Misdemeanor is the upcoming EP from Jam No Peanut that blends trap music and interactive technology with strong themes of social justice and police brutality. It is a ‘multimedia EP’, which features interactive experiences for each music video, using augmented reality and VR interfaces, such as Blippar and Google Cardboard, to immerse the participant in interrogation rooms and at scenes of resistance from around the country. Over the course of the night there will be a live performances from the upcoming multimedia EP, an interactive media gallery, music video screenings and Q + A with the artist. The program will be followed by a dance party and special guest DJ set from KEEYS. Proceeds from the event will go toward RefuseFascism.Org.

At Union Docs, the program will feature the world premiere of Hands Up, an immersive 360 music video that takes viewers from the second lines of Treme to the frontlines of resistance on Capitol Hill. Shot in New York City, Washington DC, and New Orleans in the days leading to and on the inauguration of Donald Trump –it presents a picture of a day in the life of a modern revolutionary freedom fighter, fighting against fascism in a post-apocalyptic world, and is the latest installment from Jam No Peanut’s upcoming multimedia EP “Microphone Misdemeanor.”

Jam No Peanut is a rapper, interactive media artist, and revolutionary bringing trap music and technology to the fight against mass incarceration and police terror. A Fulbright Scholar and organizer who has faced jail time with Cornel West, and organized nationwide demonstrations with Janelle Monae, Jam No Peanut is out to change the world with art and revolutionary action. His work in music culture, interactive technology and organizing against mass incarceration has been featured in Alleywatch, Colorlines, Complex, New York Times, and the Nation, among others.

For interviews, features or requests for editorial copy about the event, please contact Rachael Hardway at

We will add his new video after the premiere, but for now, watch "Ahmed Mohammed" below on the Dauntless Digs YouTube playlist!

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